Hotwired for Success – Electrical Installations

electrical-wiring-36915673_sDue diligence is all about risk and reward. How far do you go and just when do you stop spending?

The integrity of electrical installations is not always easy to assess, but some basic buy-side due diligence need not be expensive when weighed against the risk.

But remember, electrical installations tend to fail catastrophically and without an obvious warning. That can be REALLY expensive. Older systems that fail can be impossible to fix, sometimes requiring replacement with new installations – rather than a minor like-for-like repair.

So what can you do?

Chemvalon can help identify risk by looking at the general age of an installation and estimating the cost and ease of repair. Analog installations and even early digital systems may now be obsolete with no OEM support.

A visual check of major items will often reveal tell-tale signs where maintenance may have been overlooked. A more detailed examination can be undertaken using thermal imaging techniques to view electrical junctions, substations, switchgear etc.

Focusing on the main items where risk is higher and costs can be significant is the obvious place to start. An experienced operational perspective can quickly focus on the high risk areas to help direct due diligence dollars to where they will have the best payback.

Chemvalon brings that operational perspective. Contact us to learn more.