gray-arrowPicking the right manufacturing partner is crucial.

Preparing a product to be outsourced requires a comprehensive knowledge of both parties to the transaction

Technology transfer is time consuming and often problematic.

From the initial planning to successful execution of a project can take up to 12 months


gray-arrowChemvalon can help you locate a reliable low cost manufacturer to produce your products, by providing:
  • A comprehensive database of US based chemical manufacturers
  • Testing and verifying management compiled data, representations and performance
  • Reviewing legal compliance, such a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Inspecting chemical assets and buildings
  • Suggesting possible manufacturers
  • Looking for pitfalls and hurdles
  • Fixing problems before they become deal breakers


Chemical Companies Want Strategic Partners

Establishing strategic supply partnerships enables supply chain managers to capture the long term benefits that result from parties committing to common philosophies to achieve shared goals. Strategic partners have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations and needs. Flexibility and responsiveness are rewarded with loyalty and openness.

gray-arrowChemvalon can help screen and review outsourcing candidates

A hard hitting, highly focused expert review at an early stage can save valuable and scarce management time, doing the basic fact-finding needed to make the “go/no-go” decision.

Chemvalon provides industry experts capable of fast-track triage and business reviews to assess potential targets against a given set of parameters.

Finding the early stage issues helps improve the chances of choosing the right partner.

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