gray-arrowYou only sell your investment once

The best returns on exit come from businesses that are prepared for sale. All too often businesses are marketed in an unprepared state because management does not have either the time or the answers to the questions that will be asked.

The sale process can be a major distraction at a time when management needs to “run through the tape.”

gray-arrowChemvalon can help you prepare your investment for the exit process by:
  • Preparing data for inclusion in data rooms
  • Testing and verifying management compiled data, representations and performance
  • Reviewing legal compliance
  • Inspecting chemical assets and buildings
  • Coaching management on do’s and don’ts
  • Suggesting possible purchasers
  • Looking for pitfalls and hurdles
  • Fixing problems before they become deal breakers


gray-arrowAcquisitions take time to search and research

Even the most effective deal filters mean that busy management teams must review many opportunities before completing a successful acquisition.

gray-arrowChemvalon can help screen and review acquisition opportunities

A hard hitting, highly focused expert review at an early stage can save valuable and scarce management time, doing the basic fact-finding needed to make the “go/no-go” decision.

Chemvalon provides industry experts capable of fast-track triage and business reviews to assess potential targets against a given set of investment parameters.

Finding the early stage issues helps investors review more targets and improve the chances of choosing the right one.

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