small-inset-chemvalon-logoWho is Chemvalon?

Chemvalon is a partnership of chemical industry experts who provide a unique service for Private Equity groups holding chemical manufacturing investments.

  • Our typical assignments are for companies with annual sales in the range of $10 - $100 million.
  • We are hands-on seasoned professionals, with in-depth knowledge of chemical manufacturing systems and procedures.
  • We understand fixed and working capital management, productivity and finance.
  • We understand Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality.
small-inset-chemvalon-logoWhat does Chemvalon do?

We analyze key cost drivers within your investment and report back on ways to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Increase capacity and improve utilization
  • Reduce capital expenditure commitments
  • Secure supply-chain weaknesses
  • Control and reduce operating costs


small-inset-chemvalon-logoDo You Invest In Small Chemical Companies?

Excellent opportunities exist for Private Equity investors to buy niche chemical businesses to form the basis for a buy-and-build platform investment strategy.

  • The chemical industry is by nature capital intensive with above average profitability.
  • Many carve-outs from larger companies have a legacy of inadequate, incomplete or cumbersome systems.
  • Small private chemical companies often have entrepreneurial management that needs help to move to the next stage.
  • Building critical mass by acquisition often generates problems that key management is unable to address.
small-inset-chemvalon-logoHow Does Chemvalon Work?

As a due diligence provider, Chemvalon will assess the chemical manufacturing operations and technical capabilities of acquisition targets.
Chemvalon also works as a long-term partnership resource focusing primarily on turning problems into opportunities and freeing-up the core management team to focus more on long-term core growth opportunities.