small-inset-chemvalon-logoWho is Chemvalon?

Chemvalon is a partnership of chemical industry experts who provide a unique service for Chemical Manufacturers.

  • Our typical assignments are for companies seeking to outsource products to solve a problem. This often includes outsourcing products that are no longer core, or require fast track start up, or require a secondary source of supply.
  • We are hands-on seasoned professionals, with in-depth knowledge of chemical manufacturing systems and procedures.
  • We understand fixed and working capital management, productivity and finance.
  • We commit to the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality compliance.
small-inset-chemvalon-logoWhat Does Chemvalon Provide?

We analyze the issues driving our customer’s decisions to outsource and we report back on ways to:

  • Improve profitability
  • Increase capacity and improve utilization
  • Reduce capital expenditure commitments
  • Secure and improve supply-chain weaknesses


small-inset-chemvalon-logoFinding an Outsourcing Partner 

Finding an outsourcing partner is a time consuming process. First, consider why outsourcing might be appropriate:

  • Introducing new chemical products can require major capital investment. Outsourcing supply, at least in the initial stages, can defer or reduce capital expenditure until the project scope is better defined and understood.
  • Many companies looking to outsource want additional help with materials management, logistics etc. Chemvalon can help identify the appropriate outsourcing partner, including negotiating appropriate rates and performance metrics .
  • Small private chemical companies often have entrepreneurial management that needs help to move to the next stage. Chemvalon can provide that extra help.
small-inset-chemvalon-logoHow Does Chemvalon Work?

Due diligence : As a supply chain resource, Chemvalon will assess the chemical manufacturing operations and technical capabilities of preferred suppliers.

Long-term partnership : Chemvalon will provide the resources to turn supply chain problems into opportunities and by freeing-up the core management team to focus more on long-term core growth opportunities.