Outsourcing the manufacture of chemical products exposes your company to third party risk that must be managed and controlled. Chemvalon provides a link between companies seeking to outsource manufacturing and companies seeking to provide that manufacturing service. Chemvalon helps manage supply chain risk by:

  • Deploying industry specialists to verify technical processes
  •  Reviewing equipment requirements, condition and capacity
  •  Quantifying cost of fix-up or installation of key fixed assets
  •  Verifying true processing costs and establishing target yields
  • Planning and executing successful technology transfers
  • Negotiating sustainable manufacturing agreements

Protecting the environment and following OSHA requirements

  • Permit and reporting issues
  • Waste management and control
  • Safety program audits
  • Process safety management
  • Process hazard analysis
  • Management of change

Ensuring that your technology is properly transferred to new providers

  • Preparing a comprehensive technical package to provide technical guidance and expectations
  • Specifying equipment capabilities and construction
  • Test methods and calibration procedures
  • Scale up protocols and expectations

Successful outsourcing contracts can be negotiated to:

  • Improve profit margins
  • Provide back up or additional supply options
  • Identify and resolve capital expenditure concerns and responsibilities
  • Optimize working capital investment
  • Include additional services, such as materials procurement and management
  • Agree yield parameters for manufacturing processes
  • Establish dispute resolution methods
  • Establish goals for continuous improvement projects and rewards sharing programs to drive success.