Case Study: Support Manufacturer In Transferring Entire Product Line

paint manufacturing line

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Support coatings manufacturer in transferring entire product line that was secured through an acquisition.


The receiving plant where product sourcing will occur is not equipped with operational capability of supporting targeted transferred volume of 800,000 gallons.


Create an integration plan that includes plant feasibility, plant design, project planning of plant capability and product introduction.


Plant layout requires a plant design within existing footprint of a plant that was already operating. Design a plant layout for installation of bulk tanks of materials, installation of several process tanks for producing product, evaluating and deciding on best fit for two filling lines that involve a level of automation and overall infrastructure design. Basically, it’s creating manufacturing capability in a plant with limited space, which is already producing product, and inserting additional manufacturing equipment.


Project focus of lifting an entire product line out of a facility in the Northeast and introducing the product line into another facility occurred in a 8-month period. This product transfer was critical for avoiding loss of sales, since the product line has a level of seasonality. The scope of the project focused on many key areas in preventing any setback that could cause a decline in servicing customers. At the same time achieving budgeted operating cost of capital was essential for business performance. The client has been very pleased with Chemvalon services because the objective of meeting project deadlines was well managed, design of the process was laid out nicely for assuring all the manufacturing equipment would fit, and overall vendor management was well orchestrated.