FAQ-1I need more capacity … quickly!

You probably have the capacity already in house – but it is plugged up with low margin products that would be better outsourced or even discontinued. On one hand you have the option of building a new plant, which can take up to 3 years and consume valuable cash. On the other hand you have the option of outsourcing non-core and low margin products instead can convert fixed costs into variable costs, avoid capital investment and be done in as little as 3 months.
Let Chemvalon find the extra capacity so that you can quickly meet new product demands.

FAQ-2What is the real cost of production?

In many cases, in-house production costs are derived from out of date information and assumptions. There is a lack of understanding as to which costs are in reality fixed and which are truly variable. Chemvalon will review and establish your true cost structure and the alternative uses for those factors of production that your process consumes.
To achieve best in class returns, you need to be performing in the upper quartile.
Chemvalon will benchmark your operations against realistic alternatives and make achievable recommendations to reduce the cost of low margin products.

FAQ-3Best use of valuable management time?

Modern businesses expect management teams to focus on business growth and development. Quite often, the managers best able to drive top line growth are not the best team to solve non-core production problems. Low-hanging fruit is left unpicked.
Chemvalon provides the expertise to solve those distracting process problems that can bog down your business growth managers.

FAQ-4I don’t want to give away my trade secrets

You don’t have to. Chemvalon works within whatever level of confidentiality you require. Your secrets are safe, your intellectual property is protected.
Chemvalon’s business model is based upon safeguarding your confidential information.

FAQ-5But aren’t you just another kind of middleman or consultant?

In some ways, yes. But what makes Chemvalon unique is that we actually have our own chemical manufacturing plants for testing and developing practical, common-sense solutions using industry experts to solve real problems.
In almost all cases, if you don’t accept our recommendations – there is no charge!