You Only Get What You Inspect

Chemical companies tend to be capital intensive and usually have good, effective systems to control hazards and risks.

inspector-20660921_sBut still things go wrong. Why?

More often than not it’s the little things, that, left unchecked, snowball into bigger things. Usually it’s human error. In most cases, it turns out that a procedure was not followed and nobody noticed or cared until it was too late.

At Chemvalon, we have a saying, “ You get what you inspect, not what you expect.”

As part of due diligence, we look for checks and balances, and we check for objective evidence of compliance. Sign-off sheets are great – but what does your gut tell you? Does it really look like the task signed off was performed with knowledge and enthusiasm?

Simple housekeeping is a good barometer of the health of a business. All the systems in the world will fail unless someone actually takes the time to inspect and report on what is actually happening. Employee interviews will often reveal that all those systems are just paper over the cracks.

Let Chemvalon inspect your acquisition target to ensure that you really get what you expect. Essential chemical industry due diligence starts with Chemvalon.