Our Team – Our Nucleus


Jack has extensive experience with large multi-nationals in general management and has held global profit and loss responsibility. As a chief commercial officer, Jack has a long-standing record of driving maximum profitability, market share and revenue gains through worldwide expansion, segment marketing and premium positioning. Jack fully understands all forms of business analysis, consumer motivations and how to develop differentiated value propositions to dramatically improve the financial performance of a business. Jack is a passionate disruptor and has developed products and services focused on high margin, commercial, value-based strategies and is a branding expert who identifies what matters most and delivers on it.

Steve CrownshawSteve Crownshaw

Steve currently chairs and advises a private family office on a wide variety of family wealth management and business-related issues. With
a legal and financial background and extensive operational experience, he is quickly able to identify problems and implement practical solutions. His career track record includes general management responsibility for P&L, corporate M&A, business restructuring, operational turnarounds and buy and build strategies. He has hands-on and general management experience in the chemical, engineering and
textile industries worldwide. Steve is data driven and results oriented. His experience in managing growth in small and medium sized companies includes a holistic perspective to performance improvement.


Jon has decades of global operational expertise based on his wealth of knowledge in the chemical/coatings industry. He has a proven
track record demonstrating business improvement creating sustainable performance in key areas within operations, quality and overall risk management. He has led a global portfolio of acquisitions, integrations and strategic planning that delivered on business objectives by his ability of creating motivational excitement by how he provides leadership in his way of leading by example. Jon’s excels in the environment of continuous improvement by his ability of recognizing opportunities, determining root cause and implementing plans for effective execution.