InChem is expanding the focus of Chemvalon

Rock Hill, SC November 10th, 2020

Press Release – Chemvalon

InChem is expanding the focus of Chemvalon, it’s business advisory company which is now
available to non-InChem clients and Private Equity Investors.

Launched in 2015, Chemvalon is an executive-level business services company providing expert
project, advisory and hands-on interim management services. Chemvalon offers a bespoke service
to all aspects of supply-chain, manufacturing and commercial development processes, with a
special focus on polymers, coatings and specialty chemicals.

Chemvalon is managed and led by specialty chemicals and coatings industry veterans Jack
Bostock, Steve Crownshaw and Jon McCracken. Chemvalon is supported by a broad and deep
advisory group of equally talented chemical industry experts.

We are expanding Chemvalon to leverage our decades of successful industry experience to
service a wider market. Having worked with many large multi nationals and privately held
companies, Chemvalon executives harness a unique level of business expertise, covering every
aspect of commercial planning and strategic development. We offer support and advisory services
in plant operation, quality, process control and supply-chain methodologies, as well as chemical
process design and engineering.

The unique Chemvalon approach, “Fast Track Triage,” centers on a refocused value proposition
assessment that is results driven and can be used to revitalize and add value to every aspect of a
business’ commercial and operational processes.

Due diligence, commercial revitalization and business turnaround services are also available to
Private Equity investors with chemical industry interests.

We are a one stop shop for assessment, focused on results and business improvement with no
fine print