Can I Use Your Rest Room?

restroom-8896292_sWhen out on assignment to assess another company, a trip to the bathroom can be the perfect place to start.

The walls will often tell you (sometimes in graphic detail!) what the workforce thinks of management. Graffiti can sometimes be more illuminating than the employee attitude survey the HR manager provided. So the workforce may not be happy. Why?

Is the restroom well supplied with paper products, soap etc.? It’s a good indication of the company’s attitudes towards health and safety.

Are the bathroom fixtures and fittings in good repair? A bathroom in need of repair may indicate that other repairs are being delayed or ignored. It doesn’t cost much to maintain a bathroom.

Who cleans the bathrooms? Does the company employ a janitor/ service to make sure the facility is kept in a sanitary condition? Again – it is a sign that basic maintenance is being overlooked.

Do management and hourly workers use the same restrooms? Is it them vs. us?

Inspect both the male and female facilities. It sounds a bit creepy to ask – but bathrooms are important.

And ask yourself a simple question – would I want my customers to use these facilities?