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cellphone-34198353_sModern cell phones are much more than ….well…phones.

Modern cell phones are cameras, TV’s, GPS’s, flashlights, credit cards, search engines, computers, remote controllers. The list is endless. And everyone is now firmly attached to their cell phones.

But cell phones are much more. Cell phones are now a leading cause of traffic accidents. Cell phones also pose significant hazards when used in chemical plants.

When employees carry cell phones into classified areas, there is a real risk of explosion or fire caused by static charges given off by cell phones. Cell phones do not meet the requirements for intrinsic safety.

Workplace accident statistics now show many instances where cell phones used in classified areas have caused a static spark that resulted in catastrophic fires.

As part of due diligence studies, Chemvalon now reviews the cell phone policy and compliance to identify workplace safety risks. Contact Chemvalon to learn more.